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Nova Genesis
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Nova Genesis Description

Looking for a classic MMORPG? Then look no further! Immerse yourself into the mystical world of this free-to-play role playing game, as you embark on a fantasy adventure to save its people from the evil forces that wish to destroy it.


Nova Genesis incorporates sci-fi and fantasy elements into a rich storyline about good vs evil. With 2.5D graphics and 3 classes of character, this browser-based game has the look and feel of a classic MMO.

"What are 2.5D graphics?", we hear you say. Well, these graphics simulate the appearance of a 3D game, when in fact, they are not. By layering 2D images on top of each other, R2Games (Mythborne, Heroes of the Banner), have managed to create an immersive gaming experience that is rich in texture and detail.

The three classes of characters each have their own unique strengths and abilities in battle, so it’s up to you to choose the one that best suits your style of gaming. Each character can choose from three skill trees. These trees represent the avenue of skills that a player can learn as they progress through the game. A Wraith employs agile attacks using a dagger, and can choose between the following skills:

- Eviscerate - single target damage
- Flay - area damage
- Toxin - enemy control

A Corsair specializes in physical attacks and wields a huge sword. He can learn the following types of attack:

- Scourge - focus on damage
- Ward - focus on defense
- Command - buffs party members

Lastly, a Pyson can control an enchanted Ion crystal and specializes in destructive area damage. Her three skill trees are:

- Ion - area damage
- Nova - healing
- Doom - single target control

There are many features to Nova Genesis that distinguish it from other such titles, like Divine Souls, League of Angels, and Sword Saga. While it might have the appearance of a classic MMORPG, this free-to-play title introduces some unique elements like Nova weapons, which you can collect by completing the quests and missions. Plus, each character has hidden skills that can be activated by using the keyboard. There are also elaborate attack combos and a robust character enhancement system, allowing players to develop a unique character that is different every time.

Nova Genesis Screenshots

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