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NosTale Description

Create your own individual character and go up against many evil monsters. A fantasy world full of adventure and countless difficult challenges awaits you...


The online role play NosTale features a huge fantasy world where you go on a thrilling and exciting journey.

You begin your personal expedition in NosTale as a young adventurer. In the course of your further development, it is important that your character specializes in a fighting style. Become a glorious and powerful swordsman, a skilled archer or a dreaded, mystical master of magic. Of course, you do not have to compete against the thousands of players in NosTale alone. Together with friends you will master the most fascinating challenges.

There is another interesting aspect of NosTale: on your long and difficult road you will not only be accompanied by friends but also by fabulous creatures you captured on your way.

Are you a reckless adventurer, a daredevil who loves colorful manga-style stories? Then perhaps NosTale is the perfect game for you. You have the chance to actively interact with the story and to influence it as you wish. Besides, in NosTale there is a large community that will help you to defeat all the nasty monsters. NosTale also offers many ways to individually dress up your character and make it unique. After all, you want to look good while fighting against your enemies.

Together with thousands of other players in NosTale, you can prove yourself on numerous exciting adventures and become one of the most legendary warriors of all time.

by Kyle Hayth

NosTale Screenshots

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