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What to expect:
  • Free Player Versus Player Fantasy Game
  • Choose to Fight for the Humans or Vampires
  • Choose from Loads of Weapons
  • Use Teamwork to Beat your Enemies
  • 3D Detailed World
  • Download Games
  • PvP
  • PC Games
  • Square Enix
  • Online Games
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Play Nosgoth for Free with your Friends

A seemingly endless war is raging and it is up to you to impact the outcome. How so? Prove your worth in battles against other players.


Set in the fantasy world of the Legacy of Kain series, Nosgoth is fictional environment that’s nothing but dark, brutal and ruthless. Surviving in this free-to-play title is no easy task, as there are demonic creatures behind every corner. When it comes to the actual story, this online game is split into two factions: the Humans and the Vampires. Players have to protect their allies and fight against other players in heatet PvP gameplay to live another day. Before you can jump into the action, you will have to create an account and download the client. Only then can you pledge allegiance to one of the two teams and embark on a virtual journey that will burn itself into your memory forever. Because that’s just what vampires do.

Nosgoth is made up of two factions that couldn’t be any more different. In this setting, humans have found a way to create deadly weaponry in the forms of hunting gear and explosives. This not only gives them leverage in ranged combat, but also helps them defeat their evil counterparts. Vampires play differently, as they rely on using their sharp claws and innate powers in close combat. Each faction caters to a specific play style: Would you rather shoot your enemies from a safe distance or get up close and personal? The choice is yours. One thing’s for certain, however - you will always have to communicate with members of your faction in order to win. Teamwork is a key factor in player-versus-player combat, especially when playing with your friends.

Keep in mind that every class has his or her own abilities. On the human side, there’s a character that has access to both a grenade launcher and a flamethrower which can be used to cause massive damage or heal other players. The Wing Vampire, as the name implies, has the ability to fly. His special talents include picking up an opponent and letting them fall to their death. In Nosgoth, vampires are agile creatures that are able to climb walls and surprise human players with jump attacks. The free-to-play title is developed by Psyonix and published by Square Enix.

Nosgoth Screenshots

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Nosgoth Previews

Nosgoth Specials

Nosgoth Videos

  • Nosgoth: New Map and 5v5 Mayhem

    01/22/2016 09:04 am - A lot has been happening in the free-to-play action game Nosgoth over the last few days; there is a brand new Silenced Cathedral map, and also a ridiculous 5v5 game mode to test those combat skills....more

  • Nosgoth: First Look Inside New Crucible Map

    03/26/2015 04:38 am - It won't be long now until players of the brawler can explore a new arena, check for advantageous hideaway spots and go wild on a new map that goes by the name of The Crucible. Square Enix and Psyonix have now released a first preview trailer...more

  • Nosgoth: Official Open Beta Trailer

    01/22/2015 03:03 am - Square Enix and Psyonix invite you to join their free brawler and take on other players in fast-paced action duels. Nosgoth is now in open beta, allowing both vampires and humans to storm the battlefield and fight for the ultimate bragging rights...more

Nosgoth News

  • Nosgoth: Another Bites the Dust – Going Offline in May

    04/11/2016 07:35 am - More than two and a half years ago, Square Enix announced that it had partnered up with Psyonix to work on a battle arena game in which vampires would go up against humans. The result was Nosgoth, an online game set in the Legacy of Kane universe, wh...more

  • Nosgoth: New Map and 5v5 Mayhem

    01/22/2016 09:04 am - A lot has been happening in the free-to-play action game Nosgoth over the last few days; there is a brand new Silenced Cathedral map, and also a ridiculous 5v5 game mode to test those combat skills....more

  • Nosgoth: Development Update on Ranked Games

    08/28/2015 10:17 am - At the beginning of the month we brought you some news that the Nosgoth Ranked Ladder will be rewarding players with cold, hard cash. Well, the free-to-play game has just received some exciting news....more

Nosgoth Giveaways

  • Nosgoth: Get Your Free Closed Beta Key Here

    04/29/2014 02:40 am - Getting to play games before they are released is always exciting: it almost feels as if you get to be part of the development process. Square Enix and Psyonix are currently working hard on a free-to-play brawler that goes by the name of Nosgoth...more

Nosgoth Game of the Day

  • Game of the Day: Nosgoth (PC)

    03/28/2015 07:00 am - While slow burn roleplaying games built on lore that is intrinsic as it is extensive are usually my favorite, sometimes all I want from a game is for it to thrill me and fulfill me in the quickest way possible. Now that may sound dirty to some, but...more

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