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Nodiatis Description

If you have been looking for a retro browser game to really sink your teeth into, this roleplaying title might just be the best choice for you. Create a character, pick a class, and join other adventurers on the quest to rescue a fair maiden...


From the Skeleton Coast to the Ocean of Sorrow: This roleplaying online game is set in a vast fantasy universe that will keep you busy for a long time. Dozens of unique little towns and villages are waiting for you to stop by, smell the flowers, and help out the local townsfolk on their quest to regain freedom. A long time ago, the King of Draak offered his innocent daughter as a sacrifice to spare his kingdom from defeat. Stubborn in their ways, the orcs wouldn’t take no for an answer and destroyed his empire in spite of his efforts, leaving Andor with nothing but mountains of ashes to his name. His daughter, viciously turned into an immortal slave, was cursed to remain in shackles for all eternity. Now what can you, as a mere mortal, do to save the fantasy world of Nodiatis and bring back peace to free-to-play game that’s been haunted by years of oppression?

Nodiatis is a classic RPG in its truest form. You have full control over which character you create. Everything from the class you pick to your favorite attributes can be customized. Let’s take a closer look at the different classes, shall we? All options are divided into four different archetypes: melee, magic, defense and recovery. While the Priest has a way of restoring health and curing those that have been taken by illness, the Warlock has mastered the arts of necromancy. This means that the Warlock can not only convoke abysmal creatures to do his or her bidding, but also dominate both the undead and the living with the flick of a finger. Want to have an animal companion at your side? Then think about choosing the Beastmaster instead. Or, you know, just pick the Alcoholic and brawl!

The free-to-play title has everything you would expect from a browser-based MMORPG, including a wide array of different attributes to train and invest points into. You decide which paths to take and where to go as you battle against ghastly goblins and intrepid insects that roam Nodiatis. Gain new levels and reach unforeseen heights by gathering experience points and looting valuable rewards.

Nodiatis Screenshots

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