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NitroWars Description

Speed your way into the fast world of car racing, as you compete against other drivers in your high-powered modified car. Head to the starting line and start revving your engines...


NitroWars is a browser-based online game, where you can modify your very own fleet of slick racing cars, and use them in exciting races against other players. Earn money by winning races, and use your winnings to pay for modern upgrades to your cars. You start out in NitroWars with a significant sum of money to give you a head start. Use the money to purchase a spoiler or even a turbo and speed down to the starting line. Analyse the data of your cars and decide which aspects need modifying. You can fine-tune everything in your car including the engine, the brakes, the suspension, the wheels, the spoilers, the transmission, and even the turbo. Strive to have the fastest and most powerful car in the game.

Use the rewards you earn to purchase additional accessories for your professional driver, such as a racing jacket, racing gloves, racing boots or a racing helmet. Get additional endurance, technique and agility through the Magic Mask, the Guardian Angel and the Golden Horseshoe rewards, giving you increased advantages over other drivers. Create or join a driving club in NitroWars, sharing your expertise, as well as your glory with other players. Join in car talk using the unique networking system.

Strive for the top of the rankings list as you speed past your competitors in NitroWars. With every win comes honour, glory and an increase in reward points. Races are organised by players and you are usually able to join a race at any time. Head to the Used Cars Auction and purchase a used car to modify, or simply buy a brand-new vehicle directly. Get ready for exciting car racing action in the gripping browser game NitroWars.

by Kyle Hayth

NitroWars Screenshots

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