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Nile Online
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Nile Online Description

Be immersed in the heat of Ancient Egypt as the leader of your own legacy. Tactically trade resources with other players in order to expand and build up a huge Egyptian empire...


Nile Online is a browser-based building strategy game in which you engage in strategically trade resources with other players in order to construct your own thriving legacy. Start with one humble dwelling, and over time through construction you can develop into a powerful empire. Manage and keep your laborers happy in order to keep resource production optimal.

When you sign up for the browser game Nile Online you immediately receive a small patch of land containing a marketplace, a rudimentary palace and empty plots of land, each with preempted purposes. In addition to this you will receive some common items to help get you started, including 40 bricks, 60 loaves of bread and 18 hard-working laborers.

Your laborers in Nile Online will help you farm for and produce raw materials to use in the construction of your own empire, as well as for trade with other players. They are you most crucial resource, and it is important to strategically distribute them amongst your empire. Construct and run a bakery to ensure enough bread is baked to feed your laborers. You will therefore need to harvest wheat, and for that you require the use of a labor force in the building strategy game Nile Online.

Another important building in your settlement is the brickworks. This is essentially the building that will provide the resources for the construction of all of your additional dwellings. There are several secondary buildings in the web game Nile Online. Some of these include a pottery shop, basket shop, bronze mine, cedar farm and army barracks. Build up the most powerful legacy in Ancient Egypt as you strive for the status of Pharaoh.

by Kyle Hayth

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