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What to expect:
  • A Fantasy World Full of Danger and Mysteries
  • Intense Plot with Many Turning Points
  • PvP Battles in the Arena
  • Various Quests and PvE Battles
  • Minigames
  • Browser Games
  • Online Games
  • PvP
  • PvE
  • RPG
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Play Nightfalls for Free – Save the World

In the browser based game Nightfalls, you will fight against demons and save the world from all evil with the help of your loyal companions.


Dark creatures have invaded the fantastical world of the MMO Nightfalls. Wherever they appear they spread evil and wreak havoc. There are not many warriors left who are brave enough to face these dark enemies and dare to send them back into the underworld. You are one of those heroes, who has made it their goal to fight against all evil forces.

The epic adventure begins with you! You delve into the role of a fallen angel whose goal it is to save the world from the Skeleton King and any other villains that roam the world. It is not every day that an angel falls from the sky to fight against evil demons, so you quickly get support from helpful characters. Soon after beginning your journey, your first supporter will join your group of warriors. The female monk possesses the power of healing and is known to attack her opponents with her bare hands. The barbarian is a brave and powerful warrior from a savage land. Sia is a friendly companion who lives in the village with her uncle. Rayne is a helpful friend whose wisdom and knowledge will advance your quest. Last but not least, you are joined by the witch who can lure others into doing things that they don't want.

Level Up in Nightfalls

Nightfalls is a true roleplaying game adventure. You quickly advance through the world by facing enemies and challenges. With each battle, you will improve your characters’ abilities. You receive experience points for defeating enemies, which eventually levels up your characters. Gradually, they learn new abilities that will benefit them on their quest to defeat all evil. You will also win gold which you can invest into new weapons and armor. The better your equipment, the better your chances at defeating the Skeleton King and his minions.

Play alongside Your Friends and Defeat Demons

While the main plot of Nightfalls will introduce you to a world full of dungeons, monsters, and end bosses that you will face with your group of loyal companions, you can also enjoy action packed PvP battles in the browser based game. Take on other players from all over the world or try your luck in various mini games to hopefully win some precious rewards. Whatever you choose to do, you will never get bored in the free-to-play roleplaying game for the browser of your choice.

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