Nightbanes - Chronicles of Blood
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Nightbanes - Chronicles of Blood
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Nightbanes - Chronicles of Blood Description

If you have always wanted to turn into a vampire and learn the bloodsucking ways, this is your time to do so. Equip your character with gear cards and watch your army of minions grow in numbers as you play through this horror card browser game.


Nightbanes - The Chronicles of Blood is a browser game that combines the two biggest hype trains of this decade: vampires and card games. This free-to-play online title has plenty to offer for every kind of gamer, whether you enjoy casual gaming or coming up with strategic plans. There are currently more than 300 unique cards to collect, trade and unlock - and it’s up to you to find them all. The more quests you complete, the more you can customize your deck. While Nightbanes is quite beginner-friendly, mastering the arts of dealing cards to defeat other players takes skill. Do you have what it takes to climb the international ranking? Only time will tell.

As you take on enemy after enemy, you unlock new ranks and add more minions to your pool of cards. Playing against other gamers in this online title requires you to build your own deck. How you choose to play is entirely up to you - feel free to take on an aggressive stance, play it cool with defensive gear or surprise opposing forces with legendary cards. No matter what you do, make sure you always have another trick up your sleeve.

Nightbanes - The Chronicles of Blood features different settings: Abandoned castles, Transylvanian castles or haunted graveyards. You will not only go up against the Scourge (artificial intelligence) but also other players from all over the world. Choose your opponent wisely and try to be prepared for their every move, as being victorious goes hand in hand with knowing your opponents weaknesses.

Remember to revisit your deck after each match to tinker with your strategy. If some cards turn out to be a little less effectice than you had hoped, choose more powerful gear or minions instead and add more spice to your gameplay. If you are curious to try other online card games, that are also free-to-play but not quite as dark, take a look at Hearthstone, HEX - Shards of Fate or Might & Magic Duel of Champions.

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