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Play Nibblers for Free On-the-Go!

Rovio has devoted a lot of its attention to their beloved Angry Birds. Now, it is time for a new animal protagonist to have its time in the limelight!


Rovio Entertainment has built its fame and fortune on the beloved and extensive Angry Birds franchise. The series features mash-ups with other iconic brands, such as Angry Birds: Star Wars, racing games, such as Angry Birds: Go, and roleplaying games, such as Angry Birds: Epic. It seems as though the colorful, feathery friends can sit back and relax on this one, though, as the guys and girls over at Rovio are exploring an entirely new cast of characters.

Her name is Coral and she is a purple fish who learns that fruit are truly delicious. She and her friends are the protagonists in Nibblers, a mobile game for smartphones and tablets. The plot of the match-3 game is easily explained: Coral is an adventurous little fish, who one day discovers by accident that fruit is something truly delicious – they don’t call it Mother Nature’s candy for nothing after all! Naturally, Coral tells her friends, Octo and the rest of the Nibblers, all about her discovery. It goes without saying that the colorful fish do everything in their power to get their daily dose of fruits.

This is where you come in. Help Coral and the rest of the Nibblers munch as many fruits as possible by matching at least four fruits of the same kind. This will enable the fishy friends to get their fair share of pears, oranges, and raspberries. Nibblers wouldn’t quite be a Rovio game if there wasn’t an antagonist. For hungry, terrestrial reptiles, nothing is quite as yummy as fresh fish from the sea. Make sure that Coral and her friends can eat their fruit without getting pestered by those pesky reptiles. Luckily, there are special moves and attacks to defend yourself against your enemies.

Go on a fun and colorful journey through islands, jungles, and other tropical landscapes and solve challenging puzzles and quizzes on your way. Defeat those annoying lizards and try to reach that next big high score in Nibblers, available for free on mobile devices.

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