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NFL Pro 2014
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NFL Pro 2014 Description

Take charge of a team of football heroes and lead them to victory, as you become the most sought-after team captain in all of NFL history. Do you have what it takes to make the cut? Find out in this free-to-play American football game.


Gather your team spirit and immerse yourself in a strategy game of American football. The NFL Pro series returns, and this time with updated graphics and more realistic gameplay. Manage a team of recognizable American football players and develop their strengths on the pitch, training them to get them ready for games against some of the most notorious teams in all of America. With a bit of practice and determination, you could become the next big football superstar.

There are currently 32 NFL teams in the national league, and this free-to-play mobile game lets you play all of them, either as part of the team, or against them in a match. Use your skills as team captain to guide your team mates around the pitch, planning yours and their every move before making the sprint for the goal line in a bid to touch down! Manage your team well and lead them to every football players' dream match: The Superbowl!

This free-to-play football simulation game allows you to compete against your friends online in a competition to see which team is the best. Invite your friends online to join you in an intense PvP match, where each captain puts forward their best players with the hope of outdoing their rivals and getting that little bit closer to the top spot on the Facebook leaderboards, which include thousands of other ruthless players.

Designed for iOS mobile devices, NFL Pro 2014 makes use of the iPhone and iPad’s touchscreen controls, which allow you to navigate your characters around the pitch in an attempt to drive the ball towards the finish line. Design your own plays to optimize your team's performance or use one of the 200 predefined plays that are available.Then finally, when you start bringing in some cash (hopefully through the success of you and your team), you can begin to upgrade your team, your players, and even their home stadium!

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