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NFL Pro 2013
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NFL Pro 2013 Description

Make sure your football boots are laced up and your helmet is securely fastened, because NFL football has gone mobile! Play as your favorite players from the national league and manage your own team of ruthless football heroes.


NFL Pro 2013 has been designed specifically for your mobiles and tablets, so you can now play American football anytime and anywhere! The 3D graphics and first person camera give you an immersive experience right in the heart of the action. Manage and develop your very own group of American football heroes and see all your favorite players from other nationally recognized football teams.

This free-to-play football simulation game has a specialized license from NFL, meaning that they have the right to represent any player and any team in the national football league. Therefore, you can quite literally play as all your favorite NFL stars and watch them take on the most notorious football teams in all of America. There are over 32 football teams currently in the NFL, so you have a wide variety of choice.

Your task is not only to control these football heroes to ensure that they win the game, but also to take them to practice and manage their abilities. You can even power-up your team to ensure that they are the best on the field. Win credits for your hard work on the pitch and for winning games in the championships. Spend these credits how ever you please and level-up your players to make them more powerful. Each player has their own pros and cons, and it’s up to you to manage your team correctly, hiring and firing certain players when you see fit to ensure that your team is the strongest it can be.

Now for some strategy talk! NFL Pro 2013 has over 200 plays for you to hire, which you can rent for the whole game or even just for one down. A 'play' is a predefined strategy that the players of a team must commit to in order to outwit their opponents, and a 'down' is the completion of a single play (make sense?). Why not try to create your own play by using the Playbook editor. Here you can work out your own strategy for a game, positioning your players accordingly. Make sure it’s a good one though, as some of these teams a ruthless!

NFL Pro 2013 Screenshots

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