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Nexus Conflict
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Nexus Conflict Description

A new place among the stars has been discovered and it is a place where universes meet... The ongoing war has now reached this incredible place – will you be able to control it?


Black Prophecy Tactics: Nexus Conflict is a free-to-play online game that will challenge you with controlling a point where universes come together: The Nexus. The ongoing Second Species War has had the Tyi and Genides scrambling to control every last corner of the known universe and in this fight, the Nexus was stumbled upon.

Taking you into the Black Prophecy universe, you can experience this sci-fi story like never before in a free-to-play online game. The challenge of Nexus Conflict is to utilize your own powerful ship and build it from the ground up and fight for the glory of your faction – either the Tyi or the Genides. Each neutral region must be controlled by one side or the other and it is up to you to join the armies of your faction and claim it as your own.

You have various ways in which you can customize the world around you in Nexus Conflict. For example, you can configure and improve your ship and its assets to make it the perfect machine you need in order to come out on top. This comes in handy when you have to take on specific roles within your group of friends or allies, such as a tank, healer or even a damage dealer.

As you explore the universe and defeat your enemies in Black Prophecy Tactics: Nexus Conflict, you will be able better your skills as well. Every pilot knows that no matter how good your ship is, it is only as good as the pilot in it. By improving your skills, you can unlock new abilities which can unleash devastating attacks on your enemies or protect you and your friends.

The war has reached new heights as it has spilled into the Nexus, the place where universes collide. Fight for your faction and prove your worth in Nexus Conflict.

by Kyle Hayth

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