World of Warcraft Designer Founded Multiplayer Games Studio

09/13/2016 07:04 am by Marcel Wuttig in News

Rob Pardo worked for Blizzard Entertainment for more than 17 years and was the Lead Designer for the iconic MMORPG World of Warcraft. Two years ago, Pardo decided to part ways with the studio and chose to go on professional hiatus for a while. During this time, he also started consulting various other developers. Things got fairly quiet about him. Now he’s back! In cooperation with a few other former Blizzard employees and Min Kim from Nexon, Rob Pardo founded Bonfire Studios. The studio’s name sums up the overall goal. Pardo wants to bring players closer together. He wants them to share experiences and tell stories, just like they would sitting around a bonfire. Accordingly, the games will be online multiplayer games. Pardo has not yet revealed on which platforms the games will come out.

The studio has not announced any specific games yet. Pardo and his team are currently busy hiring more employees to start realizing some first prototypes. With the starting capital of $25 million that Pardo was able to raise from Riot Games and Andreessen Horowitz, it shouldn’t be too difficult to release games in the future.

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