Goodgame Studios: 300 Million Players

03/30/2016 06:25 am by Benjamin Robson in NewsPC GamesBrowser Games

The free-to-play powerhouse, Goodgame Studios, has announced today that they have reached a massive milestone of 300 million players on PC and mobile from all over the world.

Based in Hamburg, the German PC and mobile developer have seen massive success with their free-to-play games, such as Goodgame Empire, Goodgame Big Farm, and the mobile Goodgame: Four Kingdoms. Goodgame Empire alone has over 80 million registrations, which is no mean feat in the current F2P gaming market, and it will be interesting to see just how much the company can grow in the future. The chief operating officer, Christian Wawrzinek, seemed very confident in the future of the development house. In an interview, he stated that he is “pleased that our existing titles stand out from the crowd with their especially long lifespans and continue to display such strong growth in new registrations”. The expansion of the Goodgame Studios portfolio in the coming months will be sure to boost user numbers, and we are very excited to see what kind of new games the studio has in store for its fans.

Large Playerbase Key to Success

Anyone that is familiar with the titles from Goodgame Studios will know that a lot of the gameplay is centred around the social aspect of the games, be it PvP battles or friendly trading between friends and guild members. All of these social interactions requires a large and healthy playerbase to keep the games fresh and interesting for both new and old players. Given that Goodgame Studios has announced such large player numbers, it’s easy to see why some of their free-to-play games like Goodgame Empire and Goodgame Big Farm are still popular, even five years after their original launch.

Source: Official Press Release

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