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New Eden City
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New Eden City Description

This bawdy browser game is not for the faint-hearted – run your own red light district and be taken into a world of sinister gangs, murky alleys, brothels and street corners...


In browser game formerly known as New Eden City you take control of your very own red light district. Set up a kebab shop and run a hotel and even a pornographic cinema. Using the profit from revenue and an increasing number of customers you are able to expand, upgrade and renovate each of your businesses. Upgrading costs increase as you level up, but so to does the revenue.

Using your array of vehicles for transport and your factory for storage you can strategically smuggle cigarettes and dope into your district in order to increase profit. With your very own gang of guys in Kiez King you can take over and attack other districts. Recruit and train additional guys as your district expands. Each of your guys have varying skills and are classed into categories such as beater, realtor, pimp and troublemaker. These guys will protect you, fight for you and accomplish dangerous missions in order to keep your thriving district out of the hands of your competitors.

Select your opponent and strategically decide how many of your guys you wish to send on an attack against them. Join or form a fierce gang, with which to share vehicles, units and valuable support. Sabotage your rivals’ buildings, partake in espionage and take over entire districts as you strive to be the most vicious gang leader in all the Kiez King land.

There are a multitude of buildings which you are responsible for in your district in New Eden City. These include a bar, a nightclub, a strip bar, a hot-sheet hotel, your headquarters, a fitness studio, a sandwich joint, a storage unit, a pornographic cinema, a brothel, a boxing ring and the infamous street corner.

Continue to expand your red light district in Kiez King and watch your revenue grow, or even try your luck with the unique lottery system for the chance to win a king’s ransom of money. The dark underbelly of society awaits you…

by Kyle Hayth

New Eden City Screenshots

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