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New 1000 A.D.
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New 1000 A.D. Description

Build an empire to bring the lands under your rule. You must face off against hundreds of others trying to reach the same goal. However, you only have a certain amount of time to do it...


New 1000 A.D. is a turn-based strategy game where you must start with a small kingdom but advance it to a mighty empire. You must gather resources and build an army to make sure that you are not quickly taken out by other players but at the same time explore farther than them.

There are two game modes that you can choose from in New 1000 A.D. To play a faster game with more rounds, you can choose the Blitz Game option. Every turn is three minutes long and has a total of 800 turns over a 21 day round. Your second option is the Standard game. The turns are nine minutes long in this version with a total of 320 turns over a 28 day round.

New 1000 A.D. puts your strategy and skill to the test by pitting you against other players or trying to achieve the top score by exploration. Through battles you can take over the land of other players and claim it as your own. If battle is not so much your style, you could also explore more than the other players and by exploring, you will gain more land.

You must diligently gather resources in New 1000 A.D. to support your ever growing empire and armies. You can build a complex economy based on iron, wood, food and gold. All of these are necessary to build new buildings and recruit more troops.

Once you have troops, it is time to march on the enemy. 1000 A.D. offers you countless ways to engage in battle as there hundreds of others that you must contend with. Choose your targets wisely and strike when you think is best to achieve victory.

Create a domain that will dominate those around it in this free-to-play strategy browser game. Expand faster than the others or take them on in combat to be the winner. Gather resources and trade them to create an economy and accelerate the growth of your kingdom to ensure your place at the top.

by Kyle Hayth

New 1000 A.D. Screenshots

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