Neverwinter: Announcing the Maze Engine Expansion

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Coming soon to Neverwinter!

Everyone who is part of the Neverwinter community is pretty lucky! The guys and girls over at Perfect World Entertainment really take their jobs seriously and dish out one major expansion after the next. The Underdark expansion only came out in November, but the developers already announced their next big game update. It is called The Maze Engine; it will bring lots of exciting content to the MMORPG; and it is expected to launch this spring!

Keep in mind that this is only the first teaser for the upcoming patch, so the developers are only gradually sharing information on the new features and content. Without spoiling too much, they have carefully shared three big news about The Maze Engine. First of all, dungeons are returning to Neverwinter, which makes sense considering that the game is based on Dungeons and Dragons. Four of the favorite dungeons are coming back to the roleplaying game, including Castle Never. Secondly, mounts will become a much more substantial and valuable part of Neverwinter, partially by adding new creatures and partially by adding mount features. Thirdly, the devs will add a new campaign for solo players. In MMOs, it gets more and more difficult to participate in higher level campaigns as a solo player. The upcoming campaign will be available at level 60 and cater to those players that prefer playing alone.

In a new Dev Blog, the team behind Neverwinter elaborates on the returning dungeons in more detail. There will be regular dungeons as well as epic dungeons. The former require 3-person teams and are level adjusted. The latter require 5-person teams and feature multiple tiers of difficulty.

Over the next few weeks, the developers will share more and more information on The Maze Engine expansion.

Source: Official game homepage

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