Neverwinter: Underdark Expansion Goes Live

11/18/2015 04:00 am by Benjamin Robson in NewsDownload GamesPC Games

Neverwinter: Underdark Is Now Live

Back in September we told you all about the latest expansion for the free-to-play Neverwinter. Today is the day that the Underdark content goes live, so players all around the world can experience the new stories and characters for free.

In our last update about Neverwinter: Underdark, we published a small glimpse into the new content in the expansion. This expansion brings a load of new in-game challenges and changes for Neverwinter fans to enjoy; a new campaign, new Stronghold location, open world battles, and a brand new Tarmalune Tradebar Store. A new trailer for the expansion has been released, showcasing exactly what MMORPG players can look forward to in Underdark.

Neverwinter is completely free-to-play, so for those that haven’t tried the game yet, head over to the official website by clicking the button below and start your fantasy MMORPG adventure today.

Source: Official Website

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