Neverland Online
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Neverland Online
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Neverland Online Description

Step into a magical world full of adventures, excitement and mystery, and become a master in exploration and unravelling the secrets of this fantastical world...


In Neverland Online it is your quest to explore the vast land, gather precious resources, craft unique equipment and take on evil enemies, as you unlock the secrets behind this world through the mysterious scrolls. Travel to the mighty Tower of Babel, visit the utopian Underwater World and brave the fiery Burning Village.

In Neverland Online there are four different character classes to choose from. These include the combative and brave Ranger, the cunning and swift Assassin, the highly intelligent and magical Elementalist and the honourable and brave Taoist. Each of these characters have unique weapons – the Ranger’s Dao and Double Sword, the Assassin’s Chain and Whip, the Elementalist’s Fon and Zither, and the Taoist’s Sword and Flywheel. Strategically choose your character and be prepared to embark on a great adventure.

There is a unique pet and mount system in Neverland Online. You are able to tame and train your very own pet – it could be a beast pet, holy beast pet, humanoid pet, elf pet or even a demon pet.

Gather your friends and form your very own party, with which you can undertake exciting quests, interact with mysterious NPCs and provoke attacks on other parties. In Neverland Online you have the opportunity to have your very own master to guide you through the world, or even take on an apprentice yourself to guide and pass on your Neverland wisdom to.

There are numerous chances for networking with over six different chat channels where you can connect with other players, as well as a friends list that you can add your favourite players to. As you defeat your opponents, you receive a badge, title, as well as honour, as a display of your victory. With every quest you successfully complete, you will receive invaluable experience points.

Neverland Online is a 2D fantasy-themed browser game where players can trade with other players, take part in exciting duels, and compete against other players in the bid to uncover the mysteries of this world.

by Kyle Hayth

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