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NeoSteam Description

There is no electricity - only steam: This is the mysterious world into which you enter. A fierce battle rages here between indigenous people and engineers...


NeoSteam has shaken our modern world to the core. Instead of using electricity to operate any equipment, the world of NeoSteam operates simply with steam. A comparison of our world around 1800 with the modernism of NeoSteam is flawed, however. After all, in NeoSteam there are completely different, metaphysical powers - greater than on Earth. Magic plays an enormous role and often decides how things go.

Which takes us to in the central conflict of NeoSteam: the competition between technology and magic-tinged nature. At the beginning of your existence in the world of NeoSteam, you first determine what nation you belong to. Afterwards you can define your character further, deciding what race it belongs to and what profession it is pursuing. Are you an engineer, mastering the elements and designing devices? Or would you rather be a creature of nature, one who controls its environment with an archaic understanding of the relationship of things?

NeoSteam plays in imaginative, animated 3D environments. The content is displayed in manga-style scenes. In the massively multiplayer role-playing game you meet thousands of players who, just like you, are trying to solve the numerous quests. On your way, you fight with all available means against the other players or against NPCs. As is typical for role playing, you can choose between a variety of character types and classes.

NeoSteam is designed as a client game, which means that after you register, you download the game files and run the game from there. That’s necessary because of the impressive graphics; browsers do not yet have the capacity to display NeoSteam.

by Kyle Hayth

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