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What to expect:
  • Explore a world below the Earth's surface in this free browser game
  • Dinosaurs - lots of dinosaurs!
  • Raise your dinosaurs and evolve them into their next form
  • Fight against other creatures to train your team
  • Collect experience points, gold, and items on your quest
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  • Microsoft
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  • History Games
  • Dinosaurs
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Neosaurs: Enjoy the Online Game Now

Be taken far below the Earth’s surface in Neosaurs. Explore the rolling hills, dark dungeons and desolate deserts of Inner Earth...


In the browser-based MMORPG Neosaurs you raise your very own dinosaur creature, deciding whether it will evolve into a fierce Rex, powerful Cera or brisk Ptera. Rex Dinosaurs specialize in high damage, good defense and fire magic. Cera Dinosaurs specialize in high HP, damaging dash attacks, and earth magic. Ptera dinosaurs specialize in ranged magic, strong support skills and wind and water magic. You are able to customize your cute dinosaur in a variety of ways, from its skin colour, eye colour and shape, and name.

As you fight various monsters in the MMORPG Neosaurs, your skills upgrade and improve. There are a host of NPCs in every town, each offering thrilling quests for your dinosaur to embark on. Once you have completed a quest in the fantasy browser game Neosaurs you earn a mixture of Gold, EXP points as well as items. You will also find several Shop NPCs in each town, each offering various services and items for purchase, to help you on your missions and in combat. Visit the Skill Trailer to upgrade your skills, go to the Armor Shop to buy and repair armor, head to the Grocery store to buy those miscellaneous items, and visit the Potion Shop to buy revitalizing magic potions.

Items and equipment can also be collected simply by exploring the vast expanse of Inner Earth. Pick up as many dropped items as you can in order to increase your inventory. Explore the maze-like dungeons of the browser game Neosaurs and fight the various monsters of Sauria. The further into a dungeon you go, the more difficult the enemy monsters will become. Play with friends and form special parties, talk to other players with the in-game chat system, and strive to protect Inner Earth from the imposing evil forces in the thrilling MMORPG Neosaurs.

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