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Nemexia Description

After millennia of war for supremacy in space, everyone wants to emerge victorious from the battle. Decide on one out of three races and build your planet...


After you've signed up, you first choose which of the three races you want to belong to. First, there is the Confederation in Nemexia. These are the humans. They have large, heavily armed starships with very destructive weapons. The Terteths are the race of the smartest robots.

They were originally slaves of the Confederation, but thanks to their super-human intelligence they managed to free themselves. The Terteths’ ships are equipped with the toughest shields. The robots own the battleship Titan which can even destroy a whole planet. The third race in the free-to-play online game Nemexia is the aliens, called Noxis. Their spaceships are not quite as strong, but they are cheap to produce and also very fast. If you join with the Noxis, you can build more ships than the other races and thereby compensate the disadvantage regarding the firing power.

You get a planet in the galaxy on which you build all sorts of different buildings. It is important, above all, to ensure a constant supply of resources. Metals, minerals and gas are essential if you want to construct buildings, produce ships and let your spacecraft fly around.

In Nemexia, energy also plays a major role because it is needed for all sorts of technical processes. The Suns are the main source of energy in the game.

Of course, in Nemexia there are often grim battles between the players. Therefore, you better don't wait too long to put a fleet together. And also, do not forget to take care of the defense of your planet. The first enemy attack will not be long in coming. In Nemexia you also have the opportunity to join alliances with other space generals and win even more battles together.

by Kyle Hayth

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