Need for Speed World: Different Game Modes, Different Objectives

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Need for Speed World currently offers six unique game modes. This allows players of the free-to-play racing game to try out different challenges and sharpen their skills - either when it comes to escaping the police, cutting corners or simply finishing the race first. If you’re new to the online game published by Electronic Arts (Star Wars: The Old Republic), then it might feel a little overwhelming to find the game mode that’s right for you. Here’s a quick overview of all six choices:


Learning your map and knowing where to go, where to slow down and where to speed up is the key in this game mode and will certainly give you an advantage over your competitors. Whether it be Skyline Avenue or the Financial District: Every location has its secret passageways, shortcuts and hidden secrets that are yours to find and to remember. All you need to do in order to finish on the number one spot is to keep up the right speed, avoid crashing into walls and get through one lap after the other. At this time, Need for Speed World offers has 39 different circuit races for you to choose from.


While this game mode offers over 50 unique maps, not all of them are available at any given time. There’s a weekly rotation, as well as some racing tracks that only become available during special events. Here, you won’t have to go through multiple maps to win the race. Simply be the first to reach the finish line and you will be rewarded handsomely. Sprints are usually the fastest way to gain more Reputation or Cash, as they don’t take very long to complete.

Pursuit Outrun

This Need for Speed World game mode is all about channeling your inner bad guy and evading the police. Once you join a match of Pursuit Outrun, there will be several cop cars chasing you down Camden, Rosewood or Fortuna - and it’s up to you to escape them all. Your goal is to survive as long as possible - the longer the round takes, the more you are rewarded in the end. You can also decide to damage their vehicles by crashing into them or disabling them. Although that immediately puts you on their radar, getting rid of cops grants you extra points. Being caught comes with a small cash fine and keeps you from getting a Lucky Draw card in the end.

Team Escape

Team Escape allows groups of either two or four players to join forces and outsmart the police. In order to win, you have to get to a certain point on the map without getting busted by the cops. While you’re not immediately kicked out of the race once you get caught, it will cost you a strike. Two or three strikes (depending on the map) are enough to keep you from re-spawning, meaning that your team members will have to continue on their own. There’s plenty of Cash and Reputation waiting for you if everyone manages to escape - just keep an eye out for possible roadblocks and spikebelts.

Treasure Hunt

Once you finish the tutorial and start exploring the free-to-play title in the Free Roam environment, you will notice daily events popping up. These usually require you to collect hidden gemstones in the Treasure Hunt game mode. Finding every single last jewel will grant you not only Reputation and Cash, but also real prizes such as Skill Mods or Performance Boosts, allowing you to further enhance your car’s stats. A new challenge becomes available every day at midnight.

Meeting Places

This isn’t really a game mode per se; as the name implies, it’s a safe place for players to meet up, show off their cars to their friends and pose for snazzy screenshots without having to worry about losing time in a race. If you choose to do so, you can crash into other cars whenever you’re inside one of the three available Meeting Places. So if you ever need time to relax, take a couple of action shots and just hang with friends, this is the Need for Speed World game mode you should be looking into.

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