Need For Speed World: Advancing Your Car’s Class Through Customization

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Need for Speed World

Need for Speed World

In NFSW, one of the most satisfying ways to improve your car’s performance and move up into the higher car classes is by tuning your automobile with individual customization options that you pick out for yourself.

The 4 contributing factors for determining your car class are Overall, Top Speed, Acceleration and Handling. The Overall rating is set based on the car type, but you can improve the other 3 attributes through fine tuning. 
The 6 areas of your car that you can customize are:
Forced induction
Working on any one of these aspects will improve the various ratings for your cars Top Speed, Acceleration and Handling.

In order to get your hands on new parts and upgrades, you’ll need to visit the Performance Shop and have a look around at what you can afford and figure out how you want to spend your hard earned cash. After you’ve gathered up your parts you can use them to improve your car in your Safehouse by choosing the ‘Customization’ option and entering the ‘Performance Shop.’ The only times you can’t customize your care is during a race or pursuit.

In addition to all the functional upgrades to your vehicle, you can also customize the paint job and other aesthetic aspects. You can find out all of your options by playing through the game or by visiting the game’s homepage and forums.
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