Electronic Arts: Shutting Down Need for Speed World and More

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Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts

Some studios focus on just one or two games, putting all their blood, sweat, and tears into the few projects they’re able to afford. Others, usually studios with bigger teams, have a massive portfolio of different games to take care of. Electronic Arts is known for branching out into all different kinds of genres, platforms and business models, and sometimes, the plan sadly just doesn't work out. EA Games has now confirmed that they are pulling the plug on four of their free games this July.

Bad news for fans of these four games.

The games affected by this rather grim decision are the following fantastic four:

  1. Need for Speed World
  2. FIFA World
  3. Battlefield Play4Free
  4. Battlefield Heroes

All four games will be shut down for good on July 14th, 2015. Players have until then to go crazy and do whatever they've always wanted to do in the online racer, soccer game, first-person shooter, or competitive war MMO. While we're still three months away from the day of doom, Electronic Arts has decided to no longer accept new registrations (for these games) as of now and disable all purchases of in-game premium currency.

Source: Press release

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