Need for Speed World: Free Car Packs and Speed Boosts with New Bonus Code

06/20/2014 03:28 am by Anna Radak in NewsDownload GamesRacing

Facebook might have been down for a couple of minutes yesterday, but that didn’t stop Need for Speed World fans from liking the free-to-play game’s official fan page. EA Games (FIFA World) has now reached a whopping 2.000.000 thumbs up and this, of course, calls for a celebration. Forget the booze and turn down the music, as the team behind the online racing game knows only one way to throw a party and that is to release a bonus code for everyone to enjoy. Enter the following code to get free prizes:


This latest Need for Speed World bonus code includes:
  • 2x Car Prize Packs
  • 2x License Plates
  • 2000 SpeedBoost
  • Bumper Sticker Vinyls
  • Red Flame Neon
Check out the picture below as a little reminder on where you can redeem the bonus code. There’s currently no information on how long it is valid for, so make sure to get your hands on these free goodies as soon as possible. Enjoy!
Source: Facebook
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