Need for Speed World: 20 Million Registered Users Racing Down the Lanes

11/06/2012 05:48 am by Kyle Hayth in NewsDownload GamesPC Games

Need for Speed World

Need for Speed World

It seems that the drag mode that was introduced just recently in Need for Speed World has players coming back for more because publishers Electronic Arts have just announced that they have broken the 20 million registered users mark.

According to a press release that was just recently sent out, Drag Mode was apparently absent from the Need for Speed franchise for six years. However, that all changed when the mode was re-introduced in the free-to-play title of the series, Need for Speed World.
In addition to introducing drag mode, there were also some new mods that were added to help players perform even better in their drag races. That includes Aero Drag Reduction, Launch Grip and Gear Ratio Enhancement.

These changes seem to be a good thing because now the number of registered users is over 20 million. For any title, especially a free-to-play one, that is a huge milestone.

Source: Press release
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