Need for Speed No Limits
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Need for Speed No Limits
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  • Play with your Friends Online
  • Discover the Thrill of Underground Racing
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Race against your Friends in Need for Speed: No Limits

Rule the streets in this mobile racing game and do the Need for Speed franchise proud by reaching a new highscore! Play Need for Speed: No Limits now!


Need for Speed is a franchise that just keeps on giving: The racing game series celebrated its first success back in 1994 when the first installment was released. Now, after more than 20 years down the road, Electronic Arts is still churning out new games to add to the long line of games. Similar to titles like Sonic Dash or Rayman Fiesta Run, Need for Speed No Limits also ushers a classic computer and console franchise into the day and age of mobile gaming. The mobile app can be played while on the go thanks to intuitive touchscreen controls and quick matches that won’t take up too much of your time. Feel free to go up against police cars or other players in various game modes - some classic, some new. One thing is for certain with Need for Speed No Limits: Here, both newbie racers and veteran fans will get their money’s worth and have a chance to change racing history forevermore.

Get behind the wheel of your favorite car and explore the racing tracks in this mobile game, all while challenging other players to a duel of nitroglycerin and pimped-out parts that you yourself can customize. Speaking of customization: Change the way your cars look, purchase new paint jobs and unlock snazzy parts that will not only impress the competition, but also give you an advantage on tough terrain or windy roads. Knowing how to get the best out of your hot rod is what separates the men from the mice, the beginners from the experienced racers. Group up with other players if you are looking to join a street gang and race together while pursuing the ultimate goal of winning the first prize. The first team across the finish line will receive valuable rewards and temporary boosts which can be used to quickly escape heated situations in Need for Speed No Limits or just to get a head start in this online racing game.

If you happen to be more of a sit-down-and-play type of gamer, there’s always Need for Speed World to keep you busy. The free-to-play title may take a while to download, but will surely give you a thrill once it is all set up - assuming you are a fan of racing games in general. Need for Speed No Limits, too, offers various game modes, tasking players with unique objectives that are tricky to complete. Embark on a fast-paced journey by beating other players to the punch or escaping police officers and their devious roadblocks!

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