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Need a Hero
What to expect:
  • Become a Hero and Save the Princess
  • Challenging Casual Game
  • Match-3 Battles against Monsters
  • Various Game Modes
  • Travel from One Level to the Next
  • Browser Games
  • Online Games
  • Fun Games
  • Puzzle
  • Match-3
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Play Need a Hero and Save a Kidnapped Princess

A disaster has happened! The princess has just been kidnapped on her 18th birthday, and no one knows where she is being kept.


The kingdom needs a hero. Will you be the one who can free the princess from the clutches of evil? Brutal monsters have kidnapped the heiress to the throne, and it will be up to you to battle it out against them and free her.

Match-3 Puzzles to Fight against Monsters

There’s only one way to fight against these evil creatures in Need a Hero, and that is matching three or more tiles of the same type. It might not be the first intuition one would have but it works like a charm in this match-3 game. You are a noble hero who goes on an adventurous quest to find and rescue the princess. Jumping from one level to the next, you defeat monsters and collect rewards. The smarter you play, the mightier you will be in the end. How exactly can you defeat enemies?

The Right Tactic Will Succeed

Need a Hero uses match-3 gameplay in an adventurous way. Your task is to match at least three of the same tiles to charge your hero’s attack bar. When it has been filled, your hero attacks the enemy. Your opponents attack every few turns and drain some of your health. It is therefore advisable to defeat them as quickly as possible. The more tiles you connect, the more your bar fills with energy. You can connect the tiles in all possible directions, as long as they are located next to each other. You can go forwards, backwards, sideways, and diagonally. Be creative and mindful of creating the longest possible lines.

Make Use of Special Attacks

Of course it wouldn’t be a casual game without some fun special attacks. Various combinations of stones will produce magical items that can cast spells. Combine at least four monsters of the same kind to create a fire spell-book. Attach it to your next line of tiles to utilize it. The explosion will be worth it.

Play Need a Hero in the browser of your choice. All you have to do is register an account to play the browser based game for free whenever you feel like it.

Need a Hero Screenshots

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