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Nebula 44
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Nebula 44 Description

You find yourself on a planet in a distant solar system. You must build your empire from the ground up but the galaxy is a dangerous place and you are not alone...


Nebula 44 is a free-to-play browser strategy game where you must forge an empire in the stars from nothing and build it up to reach across the expanses of space. You are given missions, also known as quests, to complete which will earn you rewards such as resources. Take on other players and attempt to conquer their planets and make them your own.

You must gather resources diligently in Nebula 44. As the commander of your planet, you will need to build resource gathering buildings. The more buildings that you have, the faster you will gather the much needed materials. These will help fuel your empire and allow you to build more buildings and recruit troops.

Nebula 44 will test your strategy and tactical abilities by trying to balance your offensive and defensive capabilities. Of course, troops are a necessity for any army, offensive or defensive. However, you must also construct defensive structures to prevent the invasion of your planet by other players.

Because Nebula 44 is an online game, there are hundreds of players which are trying to achieve the same goal as you: to conquer the stars. Take on these other players with your armies that you have amassed and experience real combat.

The galaxy is a dangerous place and it may be wise to create or join an alliance. An alliance is a group of players that are united in the same ideals and goals. This will give you a community and perhaps a safety net were you to be attacked. Having friends in such a hostile place could be very beneficial.

Your ultimate goal is to have the largest army and the most planets under your control. Once you have achieved this, you will be on top the of the player ranking charts. Use your strategy to prove that you are the best in the galaxy and show everyone else that you have what it takes.

by Kyle Hayth

Nebula 44 Screenshots

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