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Navy Field
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Navy Field Description

An exciting tactical simulation based on the sea battles that took place in World War II. You not only construct cruisers and destroyers, but you also lead them into war...


In the client-based online game Navy Field, many breathtaking battles await you. You play with and against thousands of other real gamers from around the globe. Become the uncontested lord of the seas and choose between about a hundred different types of ships- which are based on the real models from World War II.

As in any other simulation game, you start in Navy Field with little resources. The more points and experience you gather, however, the more types of ships you are allowed to build - destroyers, battle cruisers, and aircraft carriers. There is also a variety of weapons to pick from in the online game Navy Field. It's not easy to choose between historical accurate naval guns, torpedo launchers, armor and engines.

You decide which nation you want to fight for. You can choose the USA, Japan, Germany or the UK. Each country has its individual strengths and weaknesses. In the end, they are all equally powerful. Therefore, the game Navy Field is well-balanced.

Besides the common quests there are also special missions which enable you to upgrade your skills. Of course, it is also possible to form alliances with other gamers. Actually, it is an important strategic feature of the massively multiplayer online game.

by Kyle Hayth

Navy Field Screenshots

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