Naval Front-Line
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Naval Front-Line
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Naval Front-Line Description

Take control of a battleship and become a naval captain in a war against other players online. Control mighty warships and powerful weapons and take aim against your enemies in this MMO battleship simulation game.


Naval Front-Line is an MMO battleship game similar to World of Warships in which you must use your skills as a captain to guide your ships through a war zone. Be aware though, as there is as much fire as there is water in these waters. In this mobile game, missiles come falling down like rain and your only chance for survival is to outwit your opponents and destroy their ships.This free-to-play warship simulation game is set in World War 2 allowing players to choose a range of vessels that historically accurately depict the ships of the respective period.

First, you must choose which side you are fighting for and join the corresponding navy and their fleets. The can choose a fleet from the following nations:

- United States
- United Kingdom
- Japan
- Germany
- France
- Soviet Union
- Italy

As you can see there is a broad choice of fleets to join, so choose wisely because each fleet has different ships, different manpower, and different weapons to suit every player's fighting style.

From maneuverability to power, speed, the artillery, and armory - everything about the vessels in this MMO game has been designed to match the battleships in WWII. What is more, you can customize your ship to suit you including its weapons, naval guns, unique armory, and torpedoes. Each war ship will handle differently. The larger ships' maneuverability will not likely match the smaller more nimble ones, but will make up for this with extra fire power.

How your ship handles in this simulation game will depend on its configuration. There are tutorials which will guide you through the steps of navigating your vessel through the treacherous war zones where you will also learn how to use your weapons effectively taking advantage of the different artillery that is available. As soon as you are ready, it is time to battle. Become immersed in realistic real time PvP battles against other players online and engage in missions for extra rewards! Have you got what it takes to rule the ocean and become a naval master?

Naval Front-Line Screenshots

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