Native Kingdoms
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Native Kingdoms
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Native Kingdoms Description

A massively multiplayer online game that takes you to a breathtaking Aztec province. Build your empire and perhaps you will become the almighty lord...


An unprecedented setting in ancient Mexico, an exciting story and many options are waiting for you. Native Kingdoms impresses with its attractive presentation of the period shortly before the conquest by the Spaniards.

At the beginning of the game Native Kingdoms you choose between multiple game characters. Become the high priest, a Jaguar Knight, a merchant or perhaps even one of the most famous lords Native Kingdoms has ever seen. In any case, you will need intelligence, cleverness and strength to be successful in the game.

Expand your power and influence in Native Kingdoms by taking possession of more land and fertile fields. If you can come up with a good strategy you are soon able to build a huge empire and rise to become the administrator of the province or even of the entire kingdom.

The aim of the browser game Native Kingdoms is to explore Central America, to successfully trade with goods, and to fight glorious battles. You can recruit warriors from your own clan to conquer your neighboring provinces. Then you can sacrifice the defeated opponents to the powerful gods on the great pyramid.

by Kyle Hayth

Native Kingdoms Screenshots

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