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Ninja Classic
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Ninja Classic Description

Ninja Classic is bringing to life the popular anime series like you’ve never played before. Featuring quests from the series, beast summoning and three forms of ninjitsu, the free-to-play title immerses players in the world of Naruto.


Formerly known as Naruto Saga and Ninja Scuffle, Ninja Classic is a browser-based MMORPG set in the Japanese manga series created by Masashi Kishimoto that was later adopted into an on-going anime series. The game is set directly within the storyline of the popular anime, going so far as to featuring a range of dynamic quests plucked directly from the plot of the show. The connection to the award-winning series includes the division of playable classes; Ninjitsu, Taijutsu and Genjutsu.

The ninja universe of Ninja Classic leverages its licensed property in a variety of ways beyond the core classes. Players can expect tactical one-on-one combat with a mix of Quick Time Events (QTEs) designed to award skillful play and strategy. The Arena mode in this MMORPG pits players against one another to see whose ninja is truly better, ranking and rewarding those that are victorious. Others can focus on collecting Spiritual Beast to increase your character’s attributes, then collect enough Transformation Power to transform your pet or even your character, bestowing even larger attribute bonuses. Naruto Saga features ten characters to transform into.

Ninja Classic includes a variety of quests directly from the anime series. Broken into main, side and daily quests, you can move through the story at your own pace as you meet famous characters from the universe like Sasuke, Kakashi and Tsunade. Each completed quest rewards players based upon their efficiency on the mission. Perform your best to earn the highest grade of SSS.

To receive the SSS ranks and maximum rewards it’s important that players select the ninja style that suits them the best. The combat system is based on the rock, paper, scissor triangle, enabling one class to have a strength and weakness to the others. Ninjitsu characters have high strike talent, landing critical blows that negate blocks that are the specialty of Taijutsu players. Genjutsu have mastered the art of avoiding damage through mobility allowing them to negate a Ninjitsu’s powerful hits.

Ninja Scuffle includes a variety of other gameplay elements, including weapon enhancements, Eight Gates that unlock for attribute bonuses as players level up, a deep PvP system, including rankings and daily bounties, elite instances and three unique factions.

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