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Naruto Online
What to expect:
  • Official Naruto Browser Game
  • Experience the Plot of the Anime
  • Epic Single Player Campaign
  • Extensive Multiplayer Mode
  • Cooperation with Kishimito Masashi
  • Browser Games
  • Online Games
  • PvP
  • PvE
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Be Just Like Naruto Uzumaki and Explore Naruto Online for Free

If you’re a big anime fan, this is the perfect game for you! Delve into the world of Naruto Online based on the popular manga and anime!


Have you always dreamed of experiencing Naruto for free in the browser of your choice without having to download a client? Well, we might have exactly what you’ve been looking for. Face any danger with the iconic characters of the manga and anime franchise and become the most successful ninja of all time. While it is undeniable that Naruto Uzumaki himself plays a major role in the browser game, you won’t be able to actually slip into the shoes of the popular hero. Instead, the developers behind MMORPG created five brand new characters for you to enjoy. They will seamlessly blend into the world of the Naruto universe.

Meet the Entire Naruto Cast

As soon as you’ve chosen one of the five heroes as your own, you will begin your adventurous journey, full of many surprises. Naruto Uzumaki wants to become a Hokage. Of course things don’t quite work out the way he imagined. Not only does his best friend Sasuke run into trouble, but Naruto also has to restore peace. You can imagine that there is a lot to do in the online game. Recruit a team of various warriors, each with their own unique task on the battlefield.

Combining Various Combat Styles

As you journey through the game, you will learn all kinds of skills and constantly improve your combat abilities. You will be able to combine Nin-Jutsu with Gen-Jutsu and the Eremite Mode in order to defeat any opponent who dares to step in your way. Depending on which characters are in your team and depending on how they get along, your combos will be strong or weak. With the right strategy and a great setup for your team, you will be undefeatable.

Single Player or Multiplayer? It Is Up to You!

In Naruto Online, you get to experience nine chapters from the official Naruto lore. You will travel to various locations that you should be familiar with if you are a fan of the manga and anime. Among many other places, you will visit the Konoha village. If you are a bigger fan of roaming around on your own, you can team up with friends and visit challenging group dungeons and fight against gigantic world bosses.

To guarantee an authentic product, the developers have teamed up with the creator of Naruto himself, Kishimoto Masashi!

Naruto Online Screenshots

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