Nadirim: Great Spring Patch Rolled Out for Free-to-Play MMORPG

03/13/2012 11:44 am in News

The world of Nadirim has just received a major update, according to publishers and developers Twisted Tribe. The Great Spring Patch brought along a number of new epic creatures as companions for you to fight alongside in battle and new content.


As of this week and thanks to the Great Spring Patch, the players of Nadirim can now hire Djinns, Lions, Girtabs and other epic creatures as companions in the free-to-play fantasy world. Each new creature you hire has their own specific skills and attributes.

There has also been an additional update made to a previous version of the skill-point distribution system in Nadirim. Using this system, you can enhance your abilities and choose between two distinct directions to focus your skills.

To celebrate the new season in Nadirim, even more features have been added, including new Fighting Pits, an in-game event – The Invasion of the Djinns, and two new instances are also scheduled to make their debut.

Source: Press release
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