Mythos Global: Serious Dungeon Destruction in Free-to-Play Dungeon Crawler

02/27/2012 08:34 am in News

T3Fun, publishers of the hack ‘n’ slash hit Mythos Global, have released some interesting numbers and facts about their latest title and it shows that players have really been hitting the dungeons quite hard in the last couple weeks.
Mythos Global

Mythos Global

Since entering the Open Beta testing phase on February 2nd, over one million dungeons have been cleared by the players of the free-to-play hack ‘n’ slash title, Mythos Global. Along with some other interesting figures, publishers T3Fun have given us a glimpse into some of the more interesting numbers of the new title.

For example, since the Open Beta launch, 1.1 million dungeons have been cleared and 2.2 million items have been dismantled. That sure is a lot of work and these stats only cover a two week period from launch until February 15th.

As for some of the other stats, they mostly just deal with the demographic breakdown of character gender, character class and character race. You know... the nitty-gritty details.

Source: Press release
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