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Mythos Global
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Mythos Global Description

Embark on a journey to a fantasy world full of mystical creatures and seek revenge on the evil human mercenaries who have wreaked havoc on the land, bringing terror and fear to the innocent.


Mythos Global is an exciting free-to-play client-based web game, published by German games publisher Frogster (Bounty Bay Online, Throne of Fire). The fantasy-themed strategy game Mythos takes you on an epic adventure to a land terrorised by evil human mercenaries. Join one of the four races and help to seek revenge against the malevolent enemies. Once allied, these four races were torn apart by the betrayal and theft of the precious green gem by the mercenaries.

Join forces with the Humans, Gremlins, Satyrs or Cyclopes and be prepared for bloody battles and heart-stopping adventure in Mythos Global. The humans are strong, intelligent and diplomatic and they have a slight resistance to fire. The Gremlins are highly skilled, swift and adept craftsmen and have a resistance to electrical attacks. The Satyrs are bestial and have a strong connection to nature. Using their magical powers they cast powerful spells on their enemies and have a resistance to poisonous attacks. The Cyclopes are fierce, strong but gentle and have a strong resistance to ice.

In Mythos Global there are three additional classes to choose from, including the Pyromancer, Bloodletter and Gadgeteer. The Pyromancer is highly skilled in long-range attacks and uses the power of magic to overthrow the enemy. The Bloodletter is expert at melee combat and uses brute force in close-range combat to deafeat the enemy. The Gadgeteer is highly specialised with the use of rifles and weaponry and are incredibly swift and efficient characters.

Embark on unique quests in the vast land of Uld in Mythos Global and discover gold, gems, and powerful weapons along the way – craft your own accessories and items with what you find. Journey across the land and unlock the mysteries of this mystical world, and participate in epic fast-paced battles against opponents.

by Kyle Hayth

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