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Mythopolis Description

The three great nations of Troy, Sparta and Athens are in a colossal war in an ancient mythological time. The fate and future of these nations is in your hands...


Mythopolis is a browser-based game set in an ancient world, where gods live amongst men, and an almighty war casts a shadow over the world. The massively multiplayer online strategy game is fully integrated with facebook, allowing you to share all of your feats and achievements with your friends. You also have the ability to log on using your facebook account, allowing for a smooth transaction between your online gaming and social networking.

There are three nations you can choose to play for in Mythopolis – Troy, Sparta and Athens. Athens is a civilized and democratic nation, and its members are experts in the fields of technology and politics. Sparta is a militaristic and often barbaric nation, and the Spartans are excellent hunters, scouts and looters. Troy is the home of a noble and resourceful tribe, with a unique ability to easily transport and store resources. Expand your own city and hire a powerful hero to lead your army to war in the strategy game Mythopolis.

Trade comprises a significant part of game play in Mythopolis, as does combat and politics. Collect resources, trade with your allies or go straight to the black market for a quick purchase. There are four different modes of military tactics in the browser-based MMOG, including Plunder, Destroy, Scout and Support. Train and expand a mighty army and attack your neighboring forts in a bid to become a powerful empire.

In Mythopolis as you explore the land you uncover the powerful runes which can be used to help you in battle, such as the Iron Wall, Charger, Sprinter and Bloodlust runes. The mighty ancient empire is waiting for its next hero.

by Kyle Hayth

Mythopolis Screenshots

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