Mytheon: Free-To-Play Action MMORPG Going Into Open Beta

02/23/2011 10:43 am in News

Today, in an announcement on their homepage, publishers UTV True Games stated that they are sending their action RPG, Mytheon into the Open Beta testing phase. After a carefully monitored Closed Beta test, they appear to be ready to take the next step in development.


UTV True Games has announced to fans the launch of the Mytheon Open Beta. Now you can join in and see what the game is all about. There have been numerous improvements and additions since the Closed Beta test began and even some new features which are unknown to the Beta testers.

One of the new features to be added to Mytheon is the Group Finding Tool. This helps facilitate you finding a group to join up with and get to business. The tool will help you find just the right group to take down that one monster or boss that will get you the bragging rights.

Secondly, The Dungeon Finder has also been added. This is a way to help you find dungeons and navigate them. It is designed to help you play more effectively as well as joining instances at different times and various entry points.

Of course, as many of you will be new to Mytheon with the Open Beta starting, they have also improved the tutorial. It provides you with an in-depth introduction to the basic elements of the game and sets you up to learn the more complex elements later on. Right now, you can log in and start experiencing the gameplay of Mytheon for yourself and all of these new features.

Source: Game homepage
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