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Mytheon Description

Cast powerful magic spells, defeat the gods, and fight against the legends of mythology of Ancient Greece. Embark on a journey to a mystical time in this fantasy themed online game...


Mytheon is an exciting MMORPG with strategy elements full of action and fun. The game is based on classic mythology and set in Ancient Greece, Egypt, Asia and more. The setting expands as you progress through the game. For a long time the land has lived timidly under the dark spell of Zeus and his pantheon of deities. It is time to take charge as one of three fates and face the force of these monstrous gods.

In Mytheon you must master the magical stone relics to use as you participate in heated tournaments against the gods. The stone relics were constructed by the deities themselves and act as mighty weapons, charged with the powerful Mytheon element. Mytheon reins the power of the cosmos and channels it into the stone relics. Combat is centered on the use of these power stones. Through the use of arcane recipes, players can even craft their own power stones. Strive to have the biggest and most supreme collection of power stones, to fight for independence and freedom against the gods.

There are three different character classes with which to play in the online game, from Warcaster to Elementalist to Eidolon. The Warcasters represent strength, tenaciousness, and excel in skirmishes. They are highly organized and prefer to head to the battlefield with a full contingent of warriors. The Elementalists are powerful, wise, and can harness the power of elements to use against their enemies. They carry the gift of foresight and are therefore always fully prepared for what lies ahead. The Eidolons are spiritually-oriented and believe in the power of a strong defensive and offensive through the use of impressive weaponry.

Be prepared to face Zeus and all his mighty deities in the strategic browser game Mytheon.

by Kyle Hayth

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