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Mythborne Description

Enter the Olymp and meet Greek gods such as Zeus, Poseidon, and Perseus on your adventure to defeat all evil! Become the most acclaimed warrior in this fantasy game and rid the world of negative forces as you gather experience and valuable loot.


The free-to-play online game is set in a world in which the gods are battling it out against one another. The gods of the Olymp have gotten into a fight with the Titans which have struck the world, smashing Pandora’s Box and thereby scattering seven powers all across the world. Naturally, this had negative repercussions as evilness invaded even the purest of hearts, leaving no one unharmed. There is but one way to lift the curse and rid the world of evil once and for all. You will be the one to find hope by making your way through this epic adventure. Become a hero in Mythborne and save the world!

Humankind has never been this weak, heavily relying on the gods to protect them. Since the Olympians and Titans are busy with their own clash, it is up to you to rid the world of evil monsters and the calamity they wreak. You start out in the Olymp, learning your skills from the gods. Choose a class and swiftly take on enemies to rid the godly mountain of evil forces. Naturally, you won’t have to fight on your own. The RPG features a great number of heroes that can all be recruited. Obviously, you will need help to destroy demons and save the world. Make sure to balance out your team, as you will need all kinds of classes to be successful in every situation imaginable. Only focusing on offense will get you nowhere. Make sure to have a defensive front row that will absorb most inimical attacks.

Mythborne is a true MMO experience. Connect with other players from all over the world and make as many friends as you can. If you are lucky, you will be even able to marry one of them. This will give you the benefit of being able to level up even faster!

The free browser game is a retro roleplaying game, offering you unique gameplay mechanics that will remind you of games you have played in the past. If you reminisce of the good old times in video gaming, you might want to take a closer look at R2Games’ Mythborne.

Mythborne Screenshots

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