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My Free Farm
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My Free Farm Description

Calling all farmers! The farm needs tending to and it is up to you to get the job done. This free-to-play farm sim will challenge you to build the biggest and best farm around!


My Free Farm is a free-to-play farm simulation game that lets you experience country life in a fun-filled, wacky environment. Take care of your chickens, sheep and plant over 35 different kinds of fruits and vegetables. What is even better - you don’t even have to go outside to get all of your chores done or get your hands dirty. All you need is to open up the browser of your choice, log into the online game and make a couple of clicks! Jumping to the top of the ranking will require you to roll up your sleeves and put in some serious effort, tough!

When starting off, it can be a little confusing on your homestead with so many things to do. This is why the mild-mannered swine Piggy Gordon will show you around and help you get oriented. No one said it would be easy becoming a farmer, but thanks to the easy peasy tutorial, you will be taught everything there is to know to farming in a fun and entertaining manner. Upjers takes care of its community, after all!

My Free Farm features a farmer’s club which allows you to advertise, trade and sell your produce to other players in the game. With diligence, hard work and patience you will quickly be able to turn your farm into a true agricultural wonder that will wow other players and farmers.

The more you develop your farm in My Free Farm the more space and money you will have at your disposal. This is very helpful because you will need as much space as possible to plough new fields, build stables and more. Bigger properties mean more possibilities. As usual, resources will have to be gathered for you to expand your territory, build new structures or unlock new technologies.

The lovely world of the browser game My Free Farm invites you to really get into the virtual farming experience with its fun animations and quirky graphics. Put on your straw hat, strap on your boots and get started on your way to becoming the best farmer in the land!

by Kyle Hayth

My Free Farm Screenshots

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