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My Perfect Man
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My Perfect Man Description

Create the perfect man in this simulation and train your husband-to-be in all the necessary traits to live a successful life! No more silly dancing or drinking, as it's time to take responsibility and blossom into a wonderful human being with your help.


Finding the perfect partner in real life isn’t always easy. So many personalities, so little time! What if you could just mold your dream man and turn him into the husband you have always dreamed of? Nothing easier than that says Bulkypix, the studio that's giving you My Perfect Man as a free mobile game. Here, you get to take care of a flawed example of the male species and - step by step - turn him into the most gentle and attentive boyfriend that any lady or gentleman could ask for. Breaking that one individual to fit your expectations won’t be easy, though: Show endurance and patience if you want to reach the best score in this free simulation online game that goes by the name of My Perfect Man!

There’s a new guy in your virtual life. What are you going to do - simply let him live his life and waste away in a dirty apartment? Nope! It’s your responsibility to straighten him out and make sure he turns from a lazy slob into both a successful businessman and wonderful husband within weeks of playing. My Perfect Man allows you to create the partner of your dreams in terms of personality, hobbies, and looks. A wide variety of customization options allow you to adjust his hairstyle, features and facial hair. Don’t worry if you end up not liking him all that much later down the road, as you can always go back and change his character in this free mobile game available for iOS and Android devices.

Once you settle on how your future husband should look like, he's delivered to a new house that you will henceforth call your home. What may look like a dump at first will soon be transformed into a magnificent apartment in which you and your perfect partner can flourish and eventually start a family. You are in charge of pretty much anything that goes on in the fun simulation app in My Perfect Man, so download the mobile game on your smartphone or tablet and get started!

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