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My Om Nom
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My Om Nom Description

Candy for breakfast and more candy for dinner, interrupted only by long naps on soft pillows. Live the Om Nom life in this mobile game brought to you by the people that introduced you to the colorful world of Cut the Rope. It's time to adopt your own...


The green monster that has landed ZeptoLab a prominent spot in the gaming industry has returned! After guzzling down copious amounts of candy in Cut the Rope and Cut the Rope 2, the Om Nom is back and ready to be spoiled rotten. In My Om Nom, players are given the opportunity to adopt their own beady-eyed companion and grant them their every wish. Remember the Tamagotchi sensation that swept the nation (and the world) in the late 90s? This mobile game works in a similar way. You will be notified of the Om Nom’s wishes, whether it be food, sleep or cuddles. Whatever you do, make sure they are always taken care of. We couldn’t bear to see the little Om Nom suffer and neither could you. Trust us!

Anyone familiar with the Cut the Rope franchise will be surprised, as My Om Nom follows a different genre. Playing through different levels is no longer about solving tricky puzzles or working your brain cells. In this casual game, treating the buck-toothed little fellow is all you need to care about. Both male and female Om Noms might seem easy to please, but watch out! Their demands will increase as you explore the mobile game, unlock new features and gather more experience. Healthy snacks are not an option when it comes to Om Noms. Their diet consists of candy and candy alone. Which kind? Mostly their favorite, the red-and-white swirly treats.

My Om Nom introduces another flavor to the Cut the Rope world and adds new gameplay elements to the mix. What has stayed the same, however, are the controls. Players will once again be asked to use their nimble fingertips to give commands and select certain features. Want to prop your green bundle of joy on a soft pillow? Nothing easier than that! Simply tap and hold the Om Nom to move it to another spot. Little dream bubbles will keep you in the loop of what your pet is currently eyeing. More food? A good night’s sleep? Some adventurous trip to explore new lands? Whatever it is, fulfill the monster's every wish by using the touchscreen of your iOS or Android mobile device.

My Om Nom Videos

  • My Om Nom: Official iOS Launch Trailer

    12/19/2014 03:25 am - The new app made by ZeptoLab is finally here and players can now adopt their very own Om Nom or Om Nelle. It's time to put your parenting skills to the test and feed, clean and play with your little green companion. Just in time for the holidays, too...more

My Om Nom News

  • My Om Nom: Release of ZeptoLab's Tamagotchi App

    12/19/2014 04:07 am - Tamagotchi step aside, a new simulation game is in town! After much teasing and hinting, ZeptoLab has released My Om Nom and thus expanded the Cut the Rope franchise by a new genre. Players with access to an iPad, iPhone or iPod can now download the...more

  • My Om Nom: New Mobile Game Next Week?

    12/08/2014 08:59 am - Rumors about a new mobile game in the Cut the Rope franchise have been flying around the internet. Would we get to see the Om Nom in action again? Is there a new puzzle game coming? Yes and no. While the little green monster will indeed make its...more

  • My Om Nom: ZeptoLab Announces New Game in Cut the Rope Franchise

    12/05/2014 05:06 am - ZeptoLab has been thinking about expanding their games portfolio for a little while now. Instead of releasing another sequel to their fun and casual mobile game, however, the guys and girls behind Cut the Rope and Cut the Rope 2 have decided to give...more

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