My Newborn Baby
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My Newborn Baby
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My Newborn Baby Description

All the joys of pregnancy and motherhood wrapped up and put into this cute mobile game. From ultrasounds to changing nappies, do you have what it takes to look after mommy's baby? Prove it to yourself and the world by taking on parental duties today...


My Newborn Baby is a free-to-play mobile game that lets you become a part of a mother's journey through the whole nine months of pregnancy. Colorful cartoon graphics and adorable storylines take you through the ins and outs of what a mother goes through when she is expecting.

Brought to you by TabTale (My Emma, Airheads Jump), this mobile game gives everyone the chance to learn more about life. It begins by letting you choose the character that you will be looking after as they indulge in the delights of motherhood. Glowing from head to toe, each beautiful mommy has their own characteristics and personality that will shine through as you look after them. Spoil them rotten and make sure they have everything they need to make it through this exciting time in their lives.

Your main concern is the well-being of your mommy character and her precious baby. Make sure the mom is fit and healthy, giving her all the care and attention that she deserves, while making sure she has all the vitamins and minerals that she needs to keep her and her baby fighting fit. Give her beauty and spa treatments to make sure she is as relaxed as possible. Don't forget to take her to the doctors for regular checkups and, when the time is right, take her to get an ultrasound to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl.

My Newborn Baby
allows you to design the child's nursery from top to bottom, making sure that everything is ready for the baby's arrival. When the baby is finally born you can welcome him or her to the family and engage in various fun mommy activities, including all the necessary parental duties that come with being a mother. Not to mention the icky task of changing the infants diaper. Pee-ew!

This game is free to download and play and is available for iOS and Android mobiles and tablets.

My Newborn Baby Screenshots

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