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My New Baby 2
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My New Baby 2 Description

Learn what it feels like to bring a human life into this world and look after your very own baby! This mobile game is available for free on iOS and Android devices and truly shows what it means to be a parent. Find out by download the app today...


Being a parent is by no means easy. First, you have to go through nine months of hormonal imbalances and physical complications and then, when a new life is born, you are the one responsible for its wellbeing. Thankfully, apps like My New Baby 2 exist and allow players from all over the world to learn everything there is to know about becoming a mother or a father. Slip into the role of a brand-new mom in this free mobile app and cater to your precious little offspring by heating up some nutritious formula, knitting warm socks and showering children with unconditional love and affection. My New Baby 2 is available for free on iOS and Android mobile devices.

You start My New Baby 2 by picking your avatar. Welcome to the life of a pregnant lady! There is now a new life growing inside of your virtual belly and you know what that means? It is your duty to meet up with different doctors, have routine checkups and keep track of every new development in the life of your future baby girl or boy. After just a little while, your character will give birth to a precious child that you will now be able to call your own. Make sure the baby feels taken care of the second it enters this world and you will do just fine in this free-to-play title! Think of it as a simulation game just like the classic Tamagotchi except that here, you are taking care of a little human. Aww!

There’s plenty to explore in My New Baby 2 as you watch your little one grow into a toddler before your very own eyes. This includes choosing new themes and backgrounds as well as putting yourself into pretty outfits and throwing on some snazzy makeup. After some time you will also be able to take care of more than just one baby. See how many you can handle! Hugs n Hearts (New Baby - Little Ocean Babies) wants to teach you the responsibility that comes with having a baby while also offering you fun activities that you can play through for free and while on the go.

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