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My Lands
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My Lands Description

In the free-to-play browser game My Lands you take on huge enemy forces in a medieval setting. The online strategy game has a twist! Freely collected in-game money can be transformed into real money on your bank account.


Aside from its twist, the free-to-play browser game My Lands is a classic strategy game in the style of Heroes of Might & Magic. The first thing you will do after registering for free is choose one of four races as your own. Depending on the race you select, different play styles and strategies are advised. You can choose between Demons, Dark Elves, Elves and Knights. The 'dark' races, Demons and Dark Elves, are friendly with one another, as are the Elves and Knights. Elves have a higher wood gathering rate whereas Knights can produce gold more efficiently. Demons are the brutal force on My Lands’ bloody battlefields. Their mercenaries are the strongest units in the game. Dark Elves are very proficient with battle magic. The Combat Mage is one hell of a unit and blasts away dozens of regular infantry.

In My Lands you are in control of an underdeveloped city that merely consists of a defensive wall and a main building. The game features 38 additional buildings that you will be able to construct. Each structure has a different purpose, such as Producing, Municipal, Military, Special and Defensive. You should start off by constructing new resource mines to gather more wood, stone, iron, wheat and gold.

The game offers a very in-depth game play that allows for multiple strategies. You want to focus on trading and resource mining? No problem! But you should still look out for strong allies to defend your city against enemy forces – there are plenty around. You can negotiate all sorts of treaties like trade agreements or military alliances. Only when you operate together with other powerful players will you be able to succeed and create an empire that lasts until eternity and beyond. Play the epic online strategy game My Lands for free! Neither download nor installation are required.

My Lands Screenshots

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