My Free Zoo: Celebrating One Year of Zoo-ness

02/01/2013 09:12 am by Jonathan Smith in NewsBrowser GamesAnimals

My Free Zoo

My Free Zoo

Who could forget their first birthday? Well aside from everyone everywhere… For a team of game designers though, it’s a different story and as it turns out, Upjers, the team behind My Free Zoo is excited to announce the one year anniversary of launching the live version of their game. On February 2nd, 2012, My Free Zoo was officially published and since then over 5 million people have registered for the game and enjoyed free to play zoo simulating adventures of their own, making My Free Zoo one of the most successful titles from the company.

Even though it’s the game itself that’s celebrating a birthday, the only gifts that are being given on this occasion are going to you, the players. It’s not just one gift either, from the 6th through the 10th of February, registered players will be receiving daily gifts in celebration of the game’s continued success and as a thank you for the year of support and involvement with the project.

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