My Free Zoo: Huge Number of Zoo Keepers Are Working Hard

07/06/2012 06:17 am in News

According to publishers Upjers, the number of players in the free-to-play zoo sim, My Free Zoo, has hit quite the milestone. There are now two million registered users, meaning that there are loads of zoos being taken care of!
My Free Zoo

My Free Zoo

With open arms, Upjers (Kapi Hospital, Free Aqua Zoo) has welcomed the two-millionth player to the online zoo-tacular world of My Free Zoo. To celebrate such a momentous occasion and thank all of the zoo keepers out there, they will be sending out a bulging gold booster.

In My Free Zoo, the bulging gold booster will be available starting on Monday, July 9th and will be available for 24 hours, rather than just the same-ole lame bronze booster.

This booster will give you the chance to get a little more ahead in the world of My Free Zoo and the reason for receiving it is even better – the fact that there are 1,999,999 other zoo keepers out there besides you, enjoying the free-to-play online world as well!

Source: Game homepage
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